GSSM focuses on research and development of craft beer equipment.
To provide individualized, customized and intelligent professional services for you.

Guangzhou GSSM Machinery Co., Ltd, a national high-tech enterprise, has been?recognized as one of best quality brewing equipment manufacturer in the craft brewing industry. We are committed to design and fabricate customized beer brewery plants from small to medium sized that up to 60BBL(HL) cast out wort per brew. In lines with brewer's individual request, GSSM can supply complete intelligent brew house systems and all types & sizes of fermentation tanks and brite beer tanks.

The development and design team with innovation ability, the quality standards of constantly striving for perfection.

GSSM has an experienced, innovative design team, as well as advanced production equipment. We put all our experience into design and production, whether it's?brew house equipment, fermenters, bright tanks or complete brewery systems, we put our reputation on every?piece of equipment we fabricate, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Through technical cooperation with the experienced foreign craft beer equipment engineering company, we will bring our international advanced level of craft beer equipment and experience to customers all over the world.

GSSM professional technical services, to provide you with systematic solutions.

GSSM has always attached importance to customer demand-oriented product research and innovation, not only provide customers with high quality, energy saving, and efficient brewing equipment as well as complete brewing system, but also provide customer with excellent technical service such as whole factory design consultation, equipment operation technology training, brewers' operation training, and after-sale service! Let customers brew a better quality of beer, thereby bringing greater economic benefits.!

GSSM is a national high-tech enterprise with more than 20 patents of inventions, utility models and appearance design.